BEN HOOLE SILVERSMITH/ ARTIST, Australia - Handmade Jewellery, Fine Arts & Crafts.


I have around 25 years of professional experience as a multidiscipline fine artist and designer. As a visual artist, I typically try to adapt traditional techniques to a digital art workflow, employing both adaptations of classical methods and cutting-edge 3d/ CG tools and approaches. I aim to create pieces which are both detailed and rich in painterly character.

During covid, and in response to what I see as the threat posed by AI art, I turned my focus towards silversmithing and jewellery design, and quickly fell in love with the medium. I was no stranger to the jewellery game - my wife's family had been in the industry for decades and (like, I expect, many from my generation, especially off the land) I was handy enough on the tools. But these challenges provided the impetus to take professional smithing seriously.

I approach smithing/ jewellery design in much the same way that I go about my visual art, utilising both computer design and hands-on traditional metalworking practices - so mostly I spend my days bouncing between my PC and studio workshop.


Thematically, I strive to create uplifting visual art and silverwork which is a celebration of divine love, beauty, and those things that (family aside) matter most to me. Faith, freedom, country living and the most admirable qualities of the human spirit. I spend perhaps 13-14 hours a day creating, and, as an artist, it's most important to me that my time makes a positive difference in the world, even if my impact is small.

Academically I hold an undergraduate degree in commerce, a Master's degree in business administration and a Master's degree in professional education and training. Despite way too many years of formal education, my art and craft training is mostly informal and hands-on. My artistic and crafting techniques and workflows have developed over many years of informal professional study and practice, rather than out of a book.

I grew up on the land, currently live in regional Queensland with my wife and daughter, and am a long-time (35+ years) boxer, natural bodybuilder and black-belt martial artist. My wife, Jacqui, is a fellow artisan, who helps me with the jewellery and runs Australia's premiere dance headwear label at