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AAEPWWW03624 Engraved Sterling Silver Pendant "Wisdom" (Owl)

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Most of my engraved pendants are layered, in the sense that relief engraving itself takes place at different depth layers (or, in the case of 2.5D engraving, at a smoothly variable depth). And most are quite elaborate. My "Windows to the World" pieces, however, take intricacy and layering to another level. These works are comparatively complex scenes, rendered on individually cut and engraved silver layers, which are soldered together to create a unified piece. This challenging technique results in stunning depth and character - they are beautiful pieces which take quite some time to create.

"Wisdom" is an original engraving, portraying an owl in a forested landscape under a full moon.

Price DOES NOT include chain (available separately here);

  • Metal - sterling silver (please see our notes re: metal composition below);
  • Size: App. 28-29mm diameter; Thickness app. 2-2.5mm;
  • Colour: Silver with an aged (ie slightly darkened) finish (ie patina) - this may appear exaggerated in macro photography.

Important Notes:

  • The pictured pendant is an actual photograph of one of these pieces made by me. I often do make repeats for some products, but, as the creative process is very individual, repeats will be somewhat different, and, for this reason, the pictured pendant may be a little different to yours. Please note also that the image is photographed using macro photography, and therefore magnified. Please review the physical dimensions as per the listing description.
  • Each piece is individually handmade by me in my studio workshop (as opposed to being sent away to be cheaply mass cast or made offshore - both common practices). Please note that I can't repeat all products, and so I'd recommend that you grab anything you like without delay.
  • Scratches, lumps and bumps are makers' marks (not product faults) and are left or created by design to add to the handmade appeal. They are a part of each piece's story - I love them, and I hope you do too.
Ben Hoole


The metals used in jewellery making (including Sterling silver - which I typically use) are alloys (mixes of different metals), and the composition is variable, not always known, and not necessarily what you would assume it to be.

Sterling silver (a highly prized metal for high quality jewellery) is an alloy of (at least) 92.5% fine silver and a small amount of other metals (usually copper, but possibly other metals). Sterling silver is less likely to trigger allergies than many jewellery metals, and I source my Sterling silver for NEW pieces from leading, reputable Australian refiners/ suppliers. I cannot, however, guarantee the precise composition of the alloy.

With vintage jewellery, or jewellery made from vintage components, the base metals may not be definitively known and the alloying metals cannot be established. Some of these pieces were originally forged well over 100 years ago! Whilst I only work with vintage items that I have strong reason to believe to be Sterling silver, any suggestion that I provide as to the metal used in a listed product comes from indicators such as hallmarks and should be treated as a "best guess" only.

Some people do suffer allergies to particular metals (nickel is one of the more common allergens, but not the only one). If you suffer metal allergies I advise that you DO NOT purchase vintage/ upcycled jewellery products and that you speak with your dermatologist/ health care professional and only purchase the specialty products recommended by them.